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Attached Documents Instructions Page


This page deals with:


Attached Documents folder.

Mail Merge Documents folder.

Non Scheduled Documents folder.



Obviously, for organization purposes, you will want to separate these documents where you can find them. RecoveryPro being a multi-computer system, there is a need for documents to be shared between the computers. Therefore, on the Attached Documents tab in the Account Screen or in Preferences, you can set the location of the three above folders.


If you are a one computer company, then you do not need the Mail Merge Documents folder "link" or the Non Scheduled Documents folder "link" set in Preferences or Account screen. The link to these documents are set in Preferences (although it is wise to use one folder for each type of documents). However, you do need an Attached Documents folder "link". This is where copies of all your attached documents will be stored.


If you are a multi computer company, then you will be required to use the file sharing program (website) Dropbox ( With Dropbox, you get 2 GB of storage for free. If you need more, you can pay for more.


After creating your Dropbox account, you will need to create a "shared" folder. Inside this shared folder it is a good idea to create three "sub" folders. These being 'AttachedDocuments', 'MailMerge', and 'NonScheduled'. You then send an email (Invite), through Dropbox, to your other remote users inviting them to use your "shared" folder. They create their own accounts and they will then have access to the shared folder. You use the Account Screen or Preferences to browse to the DropBox folder and the subfolders that you created to set the 'path / link' for Attached Documents, Mail Merge Documents, and Non Scheduled Documents. Each user on your system will need to 'path' / 'link' to their Dropbox location and folders.


When documents are saved, edited, or deleted in the Dropbox, they are automatically sync'd to all the computers on your shared folder.


Do not rename the DropBox folder and remember to remove shared users who no longer work for you in order to prevent them from deleting or altering documents. If you do not want an employee to have access to documents on their computer, do not 'invite' them to share your folder.



*** RecoveryPro Users prior to 8/3/2014 need to transfer documents from the RPDocs and RPDocsUpload folders in your RecoveryPro folder to the AttachedDocuments folder that you created in your Dropbox shared folder in order


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