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RecoveryPro ClientWatch Page


If your collection agency has instructed you to download ClientWatch, you can click on the download link below. Your collection agency will need to give you three access codes.


1) Company User ID - this is your collection agency's access id

2) Your User Name

3) Your password


ClientWatch will allow you to access and view the status of your accounts placed with your collection agency. If you have any problems logging in or have any questions about the software, you can direct your concerns through your collection agency.


After you click on the download link, select 'Run'. The program will automatically install and you are done.


If 'Run' is not offered, select 'Save' and save the setup program (clientwatchsetup.exe) it to your computer in a location that you can later find. After the download is complete, you will have to run the clientwatchsetup.exe from your computer.


In the future you will automatically be notified of updates for ClientWatch.


An active internet connection is required to run ClientWatch. ClientWatch is "AS IS" and there is no guarantee that it will run on networks or internet connections that have customized settings.


ClientWatch is a Windows based program (XP or greater). If you wish to test ClientWatch, after you download, you can enter RPS for Company User ID, Test for user name and again for password.


To remove ClientWatch from your computer, you can just delete the ClientWatch folder on your C: drive. ClientWatch does not make entries in your computer's registry.


Download Full Version of ClientWatch Here


Download UPDATE Only


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