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Instructions for Using a Custom Letter Head

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or greater!

To create a custom letter head and signature line in RecoveryPro, you have to have Microsoft Word 2007 or greater and a working knowledge of Word.

Included with RecoveryPro are Word documents named Header.docx and Signature.docx. They can be found on your c:\RecoveryPro Folder - if they are missing you can create new ones with these names and make sure to save them in 2007 format and place them in the RecoveryPro folder. Also set the margins at the minimum allowed (.16). The letters and reports, that come with RecoveryPro, look to this location for the Header and Signature documents, therefore, DO NOT DELETE OR MOVE THESE DOCUMENTS!

If you are using multiple computers, work stations, or have remote collectors, make sure everyone gets copies of your letter head documents - unless you need different users to have different letter heads.


Using Microsoft Word 2007 or greater, open the Header.docx document. You can use whatever method you prefer to create a header on the document (maintaining the .16 margins already provided). You can type in your letter head or insert photos or create your entire header in a .jpg (Photoshop) and insert it. Make sure to stay within the top inch of the document, otherwise your custom letter head will be too large in the letters and reports - it will print over the other print on the letter. Save the document and you are done (in the RecoveryPro folder). You can then print a custom letter to see your results and adjust accordingly.

Keep your letter head within 1 to 1 1/4 inch high!


To create a signature that will automatically print on your letters and non-creditor letters and documents, all you have to do is sign a piece of paper (blue ink looks good). Use your scanner to scan the signature in and save it as a photo (.jpeg, .jpg) format. Any photo format that you can edit will work.

Open the signature photo with any photo editor that allows you to crop the image. Crop the image until you only have your signature left in the photo. You then open Signature.docx using Word 2007 or greater (locate at c:\RecoveryPro). Copy the signature photo into the Word document and make sure to align it in the upper left of the page. Save and you are done (in the RecoveryPro folder).

If you wish to sign your letters and non-creditor letters by hand (all creditor letters need to be signed manually - to give that 'personal' touch) just leave the word document blank.

Keep your signature photo within 1/2 inch high!

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