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RecoveryPro Pricing

Pricing includes a local AND/OR an online database!  

Access your accounts anywhere with an internet connection!

After downloading RecoveryPro and registering the software, you will be able to use the program up to 5 accounts for FREE (accounts are considered Judgments, Collections, Pending Bankruptcies, Pending Judgments, and your user defined catagories). You can use RecoveryPro for FREE as long as you stay under 6 accounts and continue to request your licensing to be advanced or as long as you are under 6 accounts and keep your version up to date, your license advances automaticly.

RecoveryPro automatically 'ups' and 'lowers' your plan based on the number of accounts you have. The same is true for the number of users (seats) you have. Payments can be mailed to the address on the contact page or by sending payment, through PayPal, to This information is located in RecoveryPro on the licensing screen. If mailing in a payment, please email us so your license can be advanced while your check is in the mail.

* Those with more than 100 accounts can opt to pay quarterly.

Pricing is as follows:


5 Accounts - Free
6 - 25 Accounts - $5.00 a month
26 - 100 Accounts - $10.00 a month
101 - 200 Accounts - $15.00 a month
201 - 300 Accounts - $20.00 a month
301 - 400 Accounts - $25.00 a month
401 - 500 Accounts - $30.00 a month
501 - 600 Accounts - $35.00 a month
Unlimited Accounts (601 +) - $50.00 a month

Accounts do not include Solicitations -  Only active Collections and Judgments are counted -  Closed / Satisfied accounts are not counted

You get 3 free users (seats) - after that users (seats) are priced at $5 per user (seat) / per month.  Users (seats) are NOT sold in blocks, they are added or removed as needed.

User Fees are waived below 600 accounts!

Join the National Judgment Network and receive $75 credit towards RecoveryPro! Just click the link below to join NJN ($149 lifetime membership as of 2/15/2011 - just like getting your membership for half price!), sign up for the online forum, and then email us your forum user name (so we can verify your membership - I am 'Harvey' on the forum) to to receive your $75 credit (only if you use the link below - otherwise you will only receive a $50 credit - also for existing NJN members). You will have to have a registered copy of RecoveryPro for us to attach your credit towards. Credit does not apply to the 100 Accounts for $120 plan.

Already a member? Email us your NJN forum user name (so we can verify your membership - I am 'Harvey' on the forum) to in order to get your $50 credit.

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