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RecoveryPro Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why do I have to request a license key code on a regular basis?

Answer:  By requiring a regular license to continue using RecoveryPro, we can assure that users are up to date with their version of RecoveryPro and to determine active users.


Question:  Is my registration information kept confidential?

Answer:  Yes, your information is kept confidential by RecoveryPro.


Question:  Who is RecoveryPro?

Answer:  RecoveryPro was developed by and is the property of Brian Harvey d/b/a N.E. Iowa Collections (see contact page).


Question:  How do I set up an online database?

Answer:  Set up is located on the Preferences Screen.


Question:  I forgot my username or password, how do I get back into RecoveryPro?

Answer:  Just contact us and we can reset your login for you.


Question:  I try to log in and I get an error that the user is already logged in?

Answer:  If you have another user name, you can log in under that user name. You can then go to the User Tab in the Preferences menu and log out your first user name. Otherwise, you can contact us and we can log you out.

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