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RecoveryPro Software
Access your accounts anywhere with an internet connection!

Download RecoveryPro at the bottom of this page.

RecoveryPro utilizes a local AND an online database all for the same price! (see pricing)

With RecoveryPro Online, your Clients can watch their accounts LIVE with ClientWatch (a separate free program for clients)

Requires Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or greater, Microsoft Word, and an active internet connection. RecoveryPro no longer runs on XP.

IMPORTANT: Read before downloading

Just click on the download link and select 'Run'. That's it (besides selecting other 'runs' or 'installs' that you may be prompted for).  RecoveryPro is downloaded onto your computer at c:\RecoveryPro. Do not change the location of the software or it will not run. Once downloaded, it will prompt you for a user name and password. Just click 'OK' and the user name 'Admin' is created automatically for you. The full download will overwrite any prior version that you may have on your computer INCLUDING the database.

If the download dialog screen does not offer 'Run', select 'Save' and save the .exe program (recoveryprosetup.exe) on your computer at a location where you can find it. After saving it (recoveryprosetup.exe), you will have to run it from your computer. After the installation is complete, you can remove the recoveryprosetup.exe program from your computer.

IMPORTANT notice about download. Since RecoveryPro requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to run and if you have an older version of .NET Framework, you will be directed to Microsoft's website to download version 4.0 (or the newest version). After selecting the download and after it is downloaded onto your computer (before being installed) a message appears saying "Download Complete. You can now disconnect from the internet.". Just ignore this and do NOT hit the 'Cancel' button. Let the install continue. It will take 5+ minutes to complete. You will receive a message when the install is complete. After it is complete you will have to restart the RecoveryPro download. It should then install with no issues.

RecoveryPro should only take a few minutes to install (with high speed internet). If the download is running slow (showing hours to install instead of minutes), try restarting the download. If this continues, try deleting your internet cookies, refreshing your internet screen, and trying again.

There is not a 'Trial' version of RecoveryPro - RecoveryPro is Free as long as you stay under 6 accounts and keep your version up to date. See pricing for details.

If you are looking to network your computers with RecoveryPro, click here for instructions.

Click to Download Full Version of RecoveryPro Now

(Version Date: 5/31/2020)

This download will overwrite any prior version that you may have on your computer INCLUDING the database and you will loose any data that you may already have in the database. Do not reinstall the full version unless instructed to do so by us.



12/29/2011 - It has come to our attention that Norton's Anti Virus thinks that RPSync.exe is a malicious program and will delete it from your computer. RPSync.exe runs in the background of RecoveryPro and synchronizes your accounts with the online database and also synchronizes your history records. After talking to Norton, they can only say that if this happens you have to add RPSync.exe to your trusted programs list. This can be found in Norton's Settings, however, I do not know the exact location of this feature.

The three programs that you want in your trusted programs list for Norton's (or other firewall software) are:

C:\RecoveryPro\Application\Application Files\RPSync_1_0_0_0\RPSync.exe

C:\RecoveryPro\Application\Application Files\RecoveryPro_1_0_0_0\RecoveryPro.exe

C:\RecoveryPro\Application\Application Files\RPApps_1_0_0_0\RPApps.exe

Most firewalls do not need the entire path listed above. You can just use RecoveryPro.exe, RPSync.exe, and RPApps.exe. Look in your firewall software for a tab like "Network Access", "Internet Access", or "Network Rules". When creating your rules for each of these programs, it is outbound internet access with protocol TCP.

If Norton's does delete any of these programs, you can get them back by simply doing the update at: Update Here



On occasion (usually with 64 bit Windows Operating System), the Crystal Reports Runtime program does not install correctly. In these incidences, you will be prompted with an error on the Account Screen, the ToDoList Screen, and the Owed Creditors Screen. The error will say that there was a problem initializing the Crystal Reports Engine (or some other Crystal Reports error). If this occurs, run this download which will install and correct the Crystal Reports Runtime (Crystal Report Runtime).


If you need Microsoft's .NET framework 3.5 SP1, you can find it HERE.

If you need Microsoft's .NET framework 4.0, you can find it HERE.



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RecoveryPro is a Windows based software package for Collection Agencies, Judgment Recovery Professionals, and any business of any size that wishes to track their past due accounts.  This is a Debt Collection Software package AND a Judgment Recovery Software package, all in ONE.

RecoveryPro is a full featured professional Collections Software and Judgment Enforcement Tool that can serve any size Company, Collection Agency, or Judgment Recovery Specialist.

Compare RecoveryPro to any Collection or Judgment Recovery software on the market today and you will find that NO other software package that will do what RecoveryPro can do for you.

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