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RecoveryPro Updates Page

Requires Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or greater, Microsoft Word, and an internet connection. RecoveryPro no longer run on XP.

Make sure that RecoveryPro is NOT running on your computer before you do the update or else an install error will occur.

Click to Download RecoveryPro Update Here

(Version Date: 5/31/2020)

Update does not run by itself and requires full version to run. This update will not affect your existing databases. The Update Install will NOT prompt you to OVERWRITE existing files. If it does you are not running the update, you are running the full install and it will overwrite your databases and you will lose your data. You will want to say 'No' to the prompts.

If the download dialog screen offers 'Run', select 'Run'. If it does not, select 'Save' and save the .exe program (recoveryproupdate.exe) on your computer at a location where you can find it. After saving it (recoveryproupdate.exe), you will have to run it from your computer. After the update is complete, you can remove the recoveryproupdate.exe program from your computer.


On occasion (usually with 64 bit Windows Operating System), the Crystal Reports Runtime program does not install correctly. In these incidences, you will be prompted with an error on the Account Screen, the ToDoList Screen, and the Owed Creditors Screen. The error will say that there was a problem initializing the Crystal Reports Engine (or some other Crystal Reports error). If this occurs, run this download which will install and correct the Crystal Reports Runtime (Crystal Report Runtime).

If you need Microsoft's .NET framework 3.5 SP1, you can find it HERE.

If you need Microsoft's .NET framework 4.0, you can find it HERE.


Second Update HERE

Update History Notes:


06/03/2017 If you ever had issues trying to find out if a check that you wrote to the court has cleared for a certain account action. Now, on the main menu, there is a Check Issued button. You can select your account from the pulldown and enter the date, check number and note about a check that you write for an account (this is not for creditor payments. Only to document other checks for an account). On the account screen, on the expenses tab, you can review the checks that you wrote for this account. This will make it easier to get a check number to check against your online banking to see if a check has cleared.

11/20/2016 Set the database so most currency fields in mail merge will be formated as $0.00. Otherwise, under the old format the dollar sign was missing and .10 would print as .1

02/16/2016 Set up the export feature so you can now create POE, Bank, or Skiptrace spreadsheets to send to your data providers. The instructions are on the export screen. To get to the screen, from the main menu, click the Admin button - Import/Export button.


11/24/2015 Updated the expenses so you can charge the expenses against what is owed to your main creditor (creditor 1) - it can generate a bill to the creditor or you can set it to ignore the “bill” (negative number) owed by the creditor (check box above the non-recoverable expenses list). This will allow you to either bill your creditors for expenses with or without adding it to the account balance. This is also helpful in states that do not allow you to post debtor payments against non-interest accruing costs and fees (this is where you post payments against interest, then principle, then costs and fees). This way you can still apply it against what you pay the creditor based on your contract. Recoverable fees that are billed to the creditor are shifted to court costs. Obviously, this does not apply to collection accounts.


08/10/2015     You can now enter creditor payments on the owed creditor screen. This will really speed you up.


07/30/2015     After a long while, I finally finished this update. Now you can have unlimited creditors on an account and unlimited payments to creditors. This was a big build since it affected so many routines throughout program. Many other cosmetic and other fixes are in place now.


11/23/2014     Godaddy did it again! Now, access to all my databases have failed. They do not know what is causing it. I have a new account with them and I created new databases on the new servers. These I can access with no issues. However, user information is kept online only and I have no way to access the user information in order to transfer it over to the new databases, therefore you will have to re-set your user permissions.


08/03/2014     Long time since last post. In this update you now use DropBox to sync documents between computers. If you only have one computer, then you do not need DropBox. In other words, the attached documents now work. See instructions about getting your old docs over to the DropBox.


04/18/2014     Working on setting up your Letter Printing in Preferences so it will automatically set a note for ClientWatch on print. Also, to set up an expense on print. Both are in progress at this time. Did the update to cover other small issues and cosmetic things that popped up since the last update.


04/01/2014     Set up the Owed Creditor Screen so you can print monthly statements into .pdf documents. The instructions are on the screen after you click the pdf button. At this time it does not .pdf the statements for debtor & garnishee statements as well as satisfied account statements to the creditors.


02/20/2014     Looks like a long time since I posted what is in the updates. The latest update includes the ability to create expenses as a user defined feature along with the amount of the expense. These are added on the User Default 3 tab in Preferences. Also, in the Quick Collect Menu, you can now select individual accounts to populate. This will be handy for incoming mail, payments, etc.


06/30/2013     Changed the Main Menu and Account Screen to allow for more Account Statuses in pulldowns (by the main three catagories - Collection, Judgment, and Solicitation). On the Account Screen, you can set a Collection, Judgment, or Solicitation by using the radio buttons and leaving the pull down blank. The pull down is a sub status of the main three catagories.


06/30/2013     Due to our hosting provider having their servers slowing down (which they deny) - the account screen has been updated to speed it up to offset the added delay from the server. In other words, it should appear to be about the same as before (the slowness is only noticable for those using an online database). Also, added the ClientWatch (AccountWatch) info on the Creditor Screen and the Important Info tab in the Account Screen (for a lack of anywhere else to put it). You set up your Company Info on the ClientWatch tab in Preferences. You can then give your clients a user name and password to log into ClientWatch (which they download from This allows them to see the ClientWatch Notes that you put in on the Account Screen.


06/07/2013     Added a default #10 envelope for Scheduled Mail Merge Documents. If you are not using windowed envelopes, then you can set the default (Creditor or Debtor) in Preferences. The option pops up after you select your letter from the mail merge pull down or browse button. If you need something other than the default #10 envelope, you can create your own mail merge document (lables, #12, #9 etc) to the same query that you link your mail merge document to. You can then open the envelope manually during the print process OR you can create your envelopes and labels as a seperate mail merge option and then schedule the envelope from the account screen just like you schedule your letter. If you want to use lables to the default query instead of the default envelope, you can merge to 'Get Mail Merge Envelopes' in the QueryDB.mdb database. You will have to open your doc manually during the print routine.


05/22/2013     Made major changes to the Import Screen in order to make the upload process easier.


05/05/2013     Had to break RecoveryPro down into two programs due to size. Therefore, there are now three programs that will access your internet and will be blocked by your firewall software. They are RecoveryPro.exe, RPSync.exe, and RPApps.exe. You will have to set up your firewall software to allow all three of these programs.


05/05/2013     You can now set up your “non scheduled letters” as Scheduled Mail Merge in your preferences. This allows you to set a print date on the debtor tabs in the account screen and print them from the scheduled print job from the Daily to Do Screen. These documents are documents that you would normally have merge to the ‘Get Marked Accounts’ query or they are your garnishment documents. Instead you can merge them to special queries in the QueryDB2.mdb database (notice this is DB2 and not the regular query database). The query names are explained in preferences. Go to the Judgment and/or Collection tabs. There is a sub tab for Scheduled Mail Merge.


This feature is perfect for remote users on your system who do not print documents. They can now schedule contracts, garnishments, satisfactions, and other court documents to be printed by you from your location. Just like the Scheduled documents that are mail merge, you have to put your documents in the same folder on each computer where you want documents printed (since they are based on a link). I am working on a way to post the documents online so all of your users can print from any location without having the documents on their personal computers. This will help with document updates.


03/24/2013     Added a user defined standard reviews pull down on the account screen (set up the standard reviews in Preferences) so you can select your commonly used reviews from a pull down list. This will provide consistency for employees. Also, added an 'Attorney Date' to garnishments for those who send their garnishments to their attorney for signatures and have to wait to get them back. This will help in reviews and cut down on those 'Check garnishment attorney' reviews.


03/18/2013     Did some work on the attached documents so it functions better. Also added two 'labels' on the account screen below the 'remove' debtor button - they will be visible if you have a payment plan or an active garnishment on the account.


02/17/2013     Added numerous new user permissions. Everyone defaulted to all permissions regardless of prior permissions. You will have to go through all your users to update to the new permissions. The "General" permission for each screen will let you get into the screen.


01/28/2013     Added the ability to 'skip' certain parts of the To-Do Screen. Just check the skip check box next to each catagory that you do not want to populate the next time around. You can uncheck and 'Reset' any time (batch printing doesn't reset unless you close the screen and come back in). This ability to 'skip' is user specific, changable, and designed to speed up the building of the screen.


01/26/2013     I added the ability to add mail merge documents to the scheduled letters. Select ‘Mail Merge Document’ from the scheduled letter pull down (letters 1 through 12) and a browser will pop up (to select your Word document). It is best to put your documents in a location where you can find them easily. You will be given a pop up telling you which query your document will have to be merged to (QueryDB.mdb database in your RecoveryPro folder). At this time, every user will have to have a copy of the document in the same folder on their computers for this to work correctly (the documents need the same ‘path’). I am working on a way to store the documents online for those who have remote users. You will need to connect to the mail merge wizard and navigate through the steps in order to print all letters merged to the document (Example: if you have 5 letters scheduled, you will have to step all the way through the mail merge wizard to print all letters) - in other words, you will need to have a good understanding of mail merge or risk failing to print multiple documents. All Mail Merge Documents are set to 'Other' paper.


01/03/2013     Again, some small changes and some cosmetic work.


12/13/2012     Small cosmetic and code updates over the last month. Nothing serious.


11/11/2012     Added the ability to 'restore' the account info - this is on top of the restore expenses and payments that were done before.


11/08/2012     Added 'Soundex' to creditor's first and last name. You can now search credtiors from the main menu just like you do with debtors.


10/29/2012     Added a "check box" next to the Late Payments in the Daily to Do screen. When checked you can then view ALL future payment plans (includes the late ones)


10/15/2012     Changed the way the updates work so there will be only one update download unless there is a change in the "Prerequisites". Also, added a feature to the Quick Collection screen so you can sort your searches by oldest to newest or newest to oldest.


10/02/2012     Added the ability to 'skip' the monthly debtor statement on the Owed Creditor Screen. The check box to skip the statement in on the Account Screen under the payment statment check box on the scheduled letters tab.


08/14/2012     Added a new employment search - this one is $1 per hit and is NOT verified.  See Preferences for details.


08/01/2012     Worked on the Stats screen. Judgments and Collections stats should be correct at this time. User defined accounts will correct themselves (in the stats) as you go into each account. Also, upgraded programming language that RecoveryPro is written in - hopefully this will take care of some of those intermittent Microsoft errors that pop up now and again.


07/10/2012     Added license and paid searches 'history' to the license screen so you can better know how much you owe month to month.


06/05/2012     Added Garnishee notes that you can view on the garnishee tab in the Account Screen. It is read only, so you will have to add notes in the Garnishee Screen.


04/12/2012     Did some work on the 'Other Account Status' pulldown on the To-Do-List screen. It now shows you how many accounts fall in each catagory. A good use of this feature - if you have a lot of reviews - is to set your review as normal in the account, but also to have an Account Status for your more common reviews. This will allow you to 'pull' those reviews out on your to-do-list faster. It also can be used in the Quick Collection Screen.


03/20/2012     Added the ability to set the To-Do-List , Maintenance, and Searches screen to search by user.


03/13/2012     Added the catagory 'Contracts Out' as a new status so you do not need to use a user defined field for this one. Also, there is a 'last date worked' list on your to so screen for the contracts out. Contracts out are not in the regular last date worked list. This will allow you to use the Contracts Out list (by last date worked) instead of cluttering up your review list with follow-up reviews.


02/10/2012     You can now select your printer from a list at print time.


01/21/2012     Just some cosmetic work and some general changes.


12/27/2011     Did some more work on the "Restore" feature.


12/18/2011     Setting ground work for a "Restore" feature. Records are now being saved in a History database (RecoveryProH.mdb). At some point, I will put in the ability to retrieve the saved records. You will be prompted to download a history database.


12/01/2011     Finished putting preferences online so you can now access your preferences from a remote computer. You can also allow remote users to print your scheduled letters and it will print with your letter head.


11/03/2011     Added the ability to print scheduled letters from a remote user. Just set the user's permission to print letters.


10/28/2011     Reviews are now transfered to notes when created, changed, or deleted


10/27/2011     General update - cosmetic issues mostly.


10/07/2011     General cosmetic work - mostly tweeks about the resizer so different resolutions look correctly.


10/02/2011     Now when a scheduled letter is printed, a note is added to the account notes showing date/time/who printed it & the name of the letter printed.


09/29/2011     Did some general 'tweeks' to the screens so that they work better with the new 'resize' code that I put in.


09/21/2011     Added my own Resizer to RecoveryPro. Also did some general updates.


09/14/2011     I had to remove the Resizer that I put in back in July. The Resizer was casing issues with the program’s ability to read some text fields on some Window 7 machines. I have put the old Resizer back until the issue with the new one is corrected. However, the old one does not support Windows 7. If you have a Windows 7 machine, you will have to turn off the resizer on the login screen.


09/09/2011     Added some fields to the "Paid Searches" screen to handle the two new employer searches.


09/08/2011     Updated the 'View all Payments' screen to handle 160 JD payments vs the 100 payments it was set for before.


08/22/2011     Put some final touches on the two new Employment Searches.


08/20/2011     Changed the “Subprime Results” button on the Main Menu to “Paid Search Results”. This is due to the two new Employment Searches being added to the program. Also, on Debtor Screen (and Debtor Tabs), I added a new tab called “Needed Searches” - this is where the Subprime Search has been moved. This also has the two new Employment Searches along with the existing 15 search reminders. If you are interested in the Employment Searches, go to Preferences (Paid Searches Tab) for information.


08/18/2011     Created multiple Debt Pools. More options for Debt Pools are in the works. At this time, you can create multiple Debt Pools - each Debt Pool having its own Letter Head assigned to it. Letter Heads are created on the Letter Head tab in Preferences. Debt Pools are created on the Debt Pools tab in Preferences.


The value of multiple Letter Heads and Debt Pools is this. If you have multiple employees and they have email addresses or direct phone numbers and you want your debtors or creditors contacting them direct, you can create a letter head for each of your employees. You can then create a debt pool for each of your employees and have them set each of their accounts to their debt pool. Also, this works if you have multiple business names (like collections vs. judgment recovery).


Also in this update, I added “vs. [Debtor’s Name]” under the city/state/zip on solicitation letters. This will then show through a windowed envelope and hopefully increase attention to your letter from the creditor - and therefore increase response. The debtor’s name is the “JD Agreement Name” located on the Account Screen to the right of the Judgment Header/Style information. If you do not have the debtor’s name(s) in this field, the letter will just show “vs.” with no name.


07/27/2011     Found a way to speed up the program between screens. Added date pickers to expenses dates and other date fields on the account screen. Did a lot of 'cosmetic' work adjusting for the new resizer and the way it handles some fields and fonts.


07/18/2011     Added a 4th solicitation letter.


07/13/2011     Found a way to speed up the program. Also, worked on consmetic issues from the new resizer.


07/10/2011     Got a new resizer for the program that is compatible with Windows 7. The option to turn the resizer on and off is still on the login screen 'just in case'.


07/08/2011     Restructured pricing to make better levels. Lowered the price overall.


06/30/2011     Added two reports on the Owed Creditor Screen. One prints statements to Garnishees and the other prints statements to Debtors. These are only for those accounts where payments are recieved during the period of time that you enter. This is for states that require these statements to be sent to Garnishees and Debtors. Any payments received from a garnishment, you need to select the garnishee from the pull down list for 'payment made by'.


06/20/2011     Added the ability to "Mark" Creditors in the Creditor Screen (other than Client Leads). In the Query Database there is now a "Get Marked Creditors - No Account Info" query. It is the exact same query as "Get Marked Client Leads" query. It allows you to create documents for your creditors without any debtor or account information.


Did the same for Debtors. There is now a "Get Marked Debtors - No Account Info" query. Great for orphaned debtors or debtors where you do not need account info.


06/14/2011     Updated the subprime searches to provide a last date submitted and a last result date on the debtor tab/screen.


06/11/2011     Added a button on the Debtor Screen and the Debtor Tabs in the Account Screen to allow you to send the old address information to notes with a ‘click of a button’.


06/11/2011     Updated the Restore backup database copies so the date is now year first, month, day and I changed the time over to 24 hour clock. This will allow the files to be alphabetized by name and still be in order.


06/03/2011     Added a results screen for the sub prime reports. Information on the sub prime reports can be found in Preferences.


06/03/2011     RecoveryPro now creates a backup copy of the database each time you shut down the program. It is located in the same folder where you keep the live backup copy of RecoveryPro. If you are not using the live backup or didn’t change the location of the live backup database, then the copies are located in your RecoveryPro folder on your C drive. The new folder is called ‘Restore’ and each copy of RecoveryProData has the date on the end of it ‘RecoveryProData201106200949AM’. The name includes the date and time of the copy - in this example it is June 20, 2011 at 9:49 AM. Since these names are year first, they will be in alphabetical order. To restore, you will have to copy the file to your working database folder (normally the RecoveryPro folder on your C drive) and rename it back to RecoveryProData.mdb. At this time, the program keeps the last 15 copies of the database.


05/26/2011     Split the Closed and Satisfied account types, since before they were combined into one 'completed' status.


05/19/2011     Changed the Judgment Type (Trial, Default, etc) to user defined that you can set up in Preferences. Also changed the Collection Types (Auto, Credit Card, etc) to user defined that you can also set up in Preferences.


05/13/2011     Added Non Recoverable Expenses fields to the Expenses Tab of the Account Screen. At this time, there are no stats for this. This will be in the works at some later point. Also, toying with how to set up these expenses to be able to charge back to the OJC (for those who do that).


05/09/2011     Added a pulldown on the Account Screen so you can 'assign' a review to another user besides yourself. If you do not select a user, it will default back to the user who is assigned to the account.


05/03/2011     Added six 'groups' to the Garnishee / Employer / Bank screen. These new 'groups' have their own mail merge query so you can print off a group of documents for multiple records.


05/02/2011     Turned the 8 other fields for garnishments and turned them into user defined fields. Set the names in preferences.


04/26/2011     Added Pre-Judgment Interest & Attorney Fees fields to the account.


04/23/2011     Changed garnishments so there can be more than one active garnishment at a time.


04/11/2011     Added a Loan Modification Screen to RecoveryPro. The cost is $5 per month and the screen is activated in Preferences.


03/30/2011     Added 10 User Defined fields for Debtors.


03/28/2011     Did some work on the Synchronize program with regards to attached documents.


03/18/2011     Did some work on the Synchronize program for those with online databases - stabilizing the program and making it run more efficiently.  Also changed code to handle logged out users better in the event that an ‘Unhandled Error’ occurs. Put in more error trapping (about ½ of all read and write statements so far) to avoid ‘Unhandled Errors’ - you now will just get a pop up window with instructions. Also did a lot with network timeouts (mostly for online databases) to allow more time for the online database to respond. Also error trapped to avoid data conflicts.


03/11/2011     Set up the main menu to allow for new future screens and statuses.


03/01/2011     Added a button on the main menu called "Orphaned Debtors". These are debtors that are not assigned to any accounts. Before now, they were just floating in limbo. Also, the orphaned debtors now appear in your inactive debtor list on the account screen.


02/27/2011     Did some work on the Owed Creditor Screen to avoid an error with numeric data fields with no value.


02/23/2011     Fixed the "Total Owed" tab on the Debtor Screen.


02/20/2011     Added Court Types to the Court/Sheriff Screen. This allows you to put in your courts - like District Court, Magistrate Court, etc. On the Account Screen, the County pull down is now populated from the Court/Sheriff Screen. When you select your county, the Court pull down will populate with your Court Type.


02/17/2011     Updated the Account Screen so if you have multiple creditors, you can set the creditor’s % by Gross % instead of trying to figure the % between Creditor 1 and Creditor 2 by the Net % of recovery.


Also, the number of free users is now set at 3 instead of 2 and the fees for users are being waived below 400 accounts.


02/14/2011     Add a check box on the Court/Sheriff Screen, Other Addresses Screen, and the Garnishee/Employer/Bank Screen that changes the text to upper/lower case just like debtor/creditor names.


02/07/2011     Added a Spell Checker for the new note fields. Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or greater to work.


02/04/2011     Added ‘Other Account Statuses’ to the Account Screen.  In preferences (Status/Results Tab), you will find instructions and here is where you will have to ability to add or remove from the lists.


02/02/2011     Added a "note" section where you enter your account or debtor notes. These notes will be added to the main note section on Save. The main note section will be 'read only' for any user that does not have Administration permissions. This will prevent employees from altering notes. Administration can click on old notes to 'unlock' it for editing. Only the 'New Note' section will date stamp a new note on save. Also, the new notes will be added to the 'Top' of the notes instead of being added to the bottom. Unfortunatly, this will mess with those who already have notes - sorry about this, but notes at the top is a better system for reading.


01/24/2011     Added a zip code feature to the Debtor Screen, Creditor Screen, and Account Screen (for debtor tab and creditor tab). If you do not have a city or state filled in, you can just enter the zip code. The city and state will Automatically populate.


01/22/2011     Added the ability to import records from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Instructions are found on the Import Screen (Main Menu - Admin tab - Import button) and also on the website. A link to the website page is located on the Import Screen.


01/17/2011     Updated the Payments Screen to show the last 100 payments made by the JD (instead of the 60 already in there).


01/10/2011     Made changes to the Creditor screen to handle leads better with multiple databases.


01/06/2011     Have been working on "cosmetic" parts of the program and fixed a flaw on the Court/Sheriff screen.


12/22/2010     Added code to entire program to avoid Net Work Timeout Errors.


12/15/2010     Added some code to the Main Menu Screen to prevent that annoying Net Work Timeout Error that was occurring on occasion. Will add code to the other screens later.


12/12/2010     Added a check box on the Creditor and Debtor screens and tabs which, when checked, will automatically convert names and addresses to Upper/Lower case type when you leave the fields. This allows you to copy and paste from online screens and not have to worry about retyping the data.


12/11/2010     Created a "Debtor Status" non scheduled letter that will act like a Receipt for your debtor. It can be found in Preferences, Non Scheduled Letters, Debtor Status (Receipt) in the list on the left. There is with or without your custom header.


12/07/2010     Moved the Courts/Sheriffs and the Garnishees tables to the online database so remote collectors can have access to them. Changed the employer and bank section of debtor screen and tab to select name from Garnishees table. Also added a button to allow you to open the Courts/Sheriffs screen and the Other Addresses screen from the Account Screen so you can see the info without having to exit the Account screen first.


11/29/2010     Lowered software price and added a new pricing "step" - 400 accounts. Changed pricing to monthly instead of quarterly.


11/28/2010     Added three User Defined account “Types” for the Main Menu and Account Screen. These are set in the Preferences Screen on the User Defined tab. You set these for Collections, Judgment, or Solicitation so you can schedule letters on the Account Screen.


Also, you no longer have to enter your % rate (My Fees%) or the Creditor % (OJC Fees%) at the bottom of the account screen by the JC and JD Agreement names. These %’s are now generated by the Creditor % of Principle Payments.


11/12/2010     Updated the program to allow a user to host their own online database and to synchronize their online database with their local database.  The instructions and settings are in preferences. You can still use a database hosted by RecoveryPro Solutions if you wish. Either way, you can still have a Remote Collector access either online database. Also, if your internet goes down, you can use your local database and the databases will automatically re-synchronize when your internet comes back up.


10/16/2010     Added an address pull down to make populating some addresses quicker on the Account Screen.


10/06/2010     Added scroll bars at bottom and side of screen (use can use mouse scroll) for those of you that have the program screens go off your computer screen and the resizer (located on login screen) does not change the screen size properly.


09/28/2010     Added a new style of Acknowledgment of Assignment (w/Notice). This style acknowledged that a copy of the acknowledgment was sent to the debtors.


09/26/2010     Added 30 User Defined fields in the Account Screen that mail merge to the 'Get Marked Accounts', 'Get Marked Debtor Exams', and 'Get Marked Garnishments' queries in the QueryDB database. You can set your labels in Preferences.


09/24/2010     Change some of the code that accesses the online database. Setting up the infrastructure for future for self hosted online databases.


09/17/2010     Some bugs fixed. Set up infrastructure to add Debt Pools. Also set up more User Permissions so you can separate your accounts better per employee so employees won’t get into accounts that they are not suppose to.


08/04/2010     Fixed the late payment in the To Do screen. You will see late payments after you print the next statement (needs some internal dates to kick in)


07/30/2010     Added Assignment Documents w/o Notary for non scheduled letters.


07/22/2010     If you have a credit for being an NJN forum member, you now see your credit on the License Screen.


07/21/2010     Corrected issues with Other Addresses, Court & Sheriff, and Garnishee screen when saving new and existing records.


07/08/2010     There is now a check box on the scheduled letters tab to automatically print a Voluntary Payroll Deduction form along with a regular scheduled letter. You MUST go to your preferences and check your Voluntary Payroll Deduction letter you wish to use. It is located at the bottom of the Judgment Letter tab and Collection Letter tab just below the Payment letter. It will default to style #2, but you must hit SAVE to get it to ‘kick in’ (save path to your database) or else you will get an error when you try to print the letter.


Style #2 has a ‘recommended’ monthly payment amount which is from the payment amount on the scheduled letter tab (based on what you want per month). Style #1 is open ended with no recommended payment amount. You will have to decide how you wish to handle communications with the employer if you get one of these back.


You can still schedule a Voluntary Payroll Deduction form to print like any other letter. You can also select to print this form from your non-scheduled letter section (see preferences).


06/23/2010     Some cosmetic work and some simplifying of code.


06/10/2010     Updated some letters and did some work to clear up some issues with the online database.


06/06/2010     Created a style 2 for the voluntary payroll deduction forms. This has a ‘recommended’ payment amount / per month (which you set in the scheduled letters section of the debtor tab - Payment Amount field) - remember, this is a MONTHLY recommendation; the debtor and employer can break it down by number of pay periods in the month. Style 1 does not have the recommended payment amount. Also comes in custom header version.


Also created a pull down for the Judgment Type (Default, Confessed, Affidavit, Other, Verdict). Verdict means that there was a trial.


05/27/2010     Added a delete feature for ‘Purged’ accounts, Client Leads (creditors without accounts are changed back to client leads), and Debtors with no accounts. A Delete button will be found on the account screen (Debtor List/Review Tab), and the Creditor and Debtors screens.


The ability to delete accounts/client leads/and debtors is a User Permission that has to be set in your preferences. The permission is granted by default, so if you have any employees, you will need to review permissions for your employees.


Also, I added a Voluntary Payroll Deduction form. You can schedule it to print or you can add it to your non scheduled letters to print as you go. It can be mailed separately or with another letter.


05/21/2010     Updated the ToDoList screen for letter printing. Next to the ‘Regular’, ‘Perforated’, & ‘Other’ paper buttons, there are a ‘Print Envelopes’ and ‘Print Labels’ buttons. These will open a #10 envelope or labels so you can print your envelopes/labels PRIOR to printing your letters so you don’t have to use the #10 windowed envelopes.


05/20/2010     Created a Garnishee screen (like the Other Addresses and Court/Sheriff screens) so you can enter your garnishees. When you do a garnishment, you select your garnishee from a pull down. There is a button located on the garnishment tab that will take you to the garnishee screen to create a new garnishee (you can also go to the garnishee screen from the main menu - other tab).


5/7/2010     Added Judgment Payment Offer letters, Judgment Settlement Offer letters, and Collection Settlement Offer letters. I also speeded up the daily startup for the first start of the program per day.


5/3/2010     Added a mail merge copy of the solicitation letter. This letter can be found at c:\recoverypro\forms in the JC folder. This can be used to “Mark” a first or second creditor in your account (creditor tab) to print a solicitation letter for them. I also updated some of the scheduled letters and reports (cosmetic work). I also changed the way the To Do List screen interacts with the other screens so when you are moving in and out of the To Do List screen, it will populate faster. When populating from the Main Menu, there will not be any change to the speed it populates, only when returning from the other screens.


4/28/2010     Added some date pickers to debtor tabs and debtor screen. Added auto time stamp for creditor notes so it acts like the debtor notes and account notes.


4/4/21/2010     Added a routine to ‘score’ your debtors based on criminal history. The score button is located at the upper right of the debtor tab (next to the ‘Marked’ check box). Instructions are included on the Score Screen. The idea is to determine your debtor’s “Attitude” based on their criminal record. Also, if you have access to the financial records of the citations, to determine if they have paid their citations (and also to score them if the citation is for drugs or alcohol). This will help you to determine if a collection account is worth pursuing, to pursue a law suit on a collection account, or spending money pursuing a judgment on the person.


I also rewrote some code to speed up some routines and did some cosmetic work on labels, buttons, and such.


04/16/2010     Moved PTPs from the debtor tab to the Review section. Added a number of date pickers and updated the way they work.


4/12/2010     Added date pickers for debtor searches.


4/10/2010     Added a letter and a #10 envelope in Forms Folder for Verifying Addresses. There is new button on the Daily to Do screen that you have to click to ‘populate’ the query for the letters, envelopes, and postcards to populate correctly. I also added a “Don’t Verify” check box on Preferences/Other Tab so you won’t verify debtors who are Dead Ends or SSI/Welfare.


04/08/2010     Did more work on the scheduled letters, including putting copies online to view.


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